People often ask how long it takes to become trained in the HVAC/R field. Where you start your training and how long your training will take depends on your interests, where you live, and where you are in your life. The good news is the HVAC/R Industry offers multiple training-tracks, placing you on a career path that fits your individual needs and career goals. If you are interested in embarking on a career in the world of Climate Control you will join thousands of others who have learned the HVAC/R industry can be very rewarding work that offers excellent compensation and numerous job opportunities.

Are you interested in day or evening classes, taking classes on a full-time or part-time basis, online or in-person courses, an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, or Apprenticeship program? Completing a program that offers hands-on training with the latest in HVAC/R equipment, and one that compliments the classroom learning by educators with significant industry experience will ensure the best possible education to advance your career. The Careers in Climate Control Technology Map articulates the education and training requirements for each job. Exploring the different jobs and advancement routes will help to align your interests with the right career path for you.

The links below provide additional information on San Francisco Bay Area Region Community College programs as well as Trade and Technical School programs, and apprenticeship programs around the state of California to help determine what HVAC/R training and education fits your needs.

California Community College Chancellor's Office - search for HVAC/R training programs in California by zip code

California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association - information regarding California HVAC/R Apprenticeships

California Department of Industrial Relations - information regarding California HVAC/R Apprenticeships

San Francisco Bay Area Region Community Colleges