Service Dispatcher
Alternate Title: Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Specialist, HVAC Service Coordinator, Office Administrator
Service Dispatcher

Service Dispatchers manage customer phone calls and organize service calls such that HVAC Technicians can move efficiently from job to job throughout the day.

Service Dispatchers are office professionals who oversee HVAC Technicians' work and direct them to jobs that require attention. Their work is mainly phone and computer based. Dispatchers are very detailed oriented and organized; they multi-task between managing field technicians' schedules by matching available technicians to jobs based on location and skill level requirements; providing logistical support to technicians in the field; fielding customer phone calls; and informing customers of job progress.

Service Dispatchers can begin as technicians or installers before advancing to the level of dispatcher or they can be individuals with excellent administrative and customer service skills who join an HVAC/R company. Dispatchers must have in-depth knowledge of company services and HVAC/R terminology in order to direct customer calls and support technicians in the field. This knowledge can come from experience in the field or on-the-job training.

Advancement Routes