Commercial Service Technician
Alternate Title: HVAC/R Service Technician, Commercial Service Specialist
Commercial Service Technician

Commercial Service Technicians provide customer service in the field to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair refrigeration and/or HVAC equipment in commercial buildings. While they are sometimes trained on specific systems, these technicians are usually generalists trained to work on many HVAC/R systems.

Commercial Service Technicians are trained to work in many different conditions and maintain systems on a seasonal basis. Tasks include repairing commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems, repairing or replacing worn or defective parts, and fixing, repairing, or replacing all types of pumps, refrigeration equipment, pneumatic valves, electric valves, heat transfer equipment, ventilation, and air distribution equipment according to prints, specifications, diagrams, or other instructions. In addition, they calibrate thermostats and ensure appropriate temperatures are maintained; test pipe or tubing joints or connections for leaks using pressure gauges; repair walk-in coolers and freezers to ensure they are operating at required safe temperatures; test electrical circuits or components and make necessary repairs; and determine the HVAC/R systems' energy use and make recommendations to improve efficiency as part of an energy management system.

Because Commercial HVAC/R systems vary greatly depending on the size and sophistication of the commercial building, Service Technicians tend to work with quite a diverse population of owners, building managers, facilities managers, and engineers. They must be technically savvy and demonstrate excellent customer service skills.

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